Residential Services:

1172 Sunbury Road
South Elgin, IL 60177-1846
847-695-5311 (telephone)
847-741-4874 (fax)
Bathrooms:  Besides fixing the usual dripping faucets and toilets that run, FPH offers a wide
selection of products. If you prefer, FPH allows our customers the Freedom of purchasing their own
products and we will take care of the installation for you. Just think of FPH as an extra pair of hands!

  • Sinks / Vanities – FPH will remove old sinks and replace them with units of your choice, be it in
    a new cabinet, or just to update the current sink.  Has your “lift and turn” stopper in your sink
    stopped lifting and turning?  FPH can take care of that!
  • Faucets – for both sink and tub / shower are available.  We offer a wide range in style as well
    as price.  FPH installs pressure temperature balancing faucets for the tub / shower so that if
    someone flushes the toilet or turns on the water while you are in the shower you won’t be
    scalded with a burst of hot water. If your faucet is difficult to turn or pull out FPH can solve this
    for you.
  • Water spotson the ceiling below your bathroom?  FPH will put on our “detective hats” and
    explore the cause of the leak and get it fixed for you.
  • Shower doors are available and come in a wide variety of styles when updating bathrooms.  
    Do you find water on the floor after your shower and you know the shower doors were shut?  
    FPH will find that leaking spot for you!
  • ToiletsFreedom Plumbing and Heating rebuilds mechanisms inside your toilet to stop your
    toilet from continuously filling with water.  Does your toilet “rock” on the floor?  We will reset
    it so that it no longer moves. We sell a variety of products thus offering a wide selection of
    styles, colors and designs. Having trouble with your toilet not “flushing completely”?  We offer
    toilets with power flush, assisted flush and standard water saving models. For those with special
    needs we offer chair / ADA models. We can install or replace shut off valves for your toilet
    making it easier to stop water flow in an emergency.  
  • BidetInstallation and or repair services are available.  
  • WhirlpoolsNot enough hot water to fill your whirlpool or spa?  Call FPH and we will run a hot
    water audit to make sure your water heating system is large enough to handle the job.  We can
    also repair or replace jets and motors on most whirlpools.
  • Special Needs Ask us about toilets, sinks, grab bars and hand held showers.      
Heating and Air Conditioning:  Freedom Plumbing and Heating services and repairs ALL
makes and models.  Our technicians are EPA certified to properly handle refrigerants.

  • Forced air Forced air systems generally supply both heated and cooled air to your home.
    FPH employs the staff to handle all jobs, from yearly service to full replacement.  We keep the
    air warm in winter and cool during Fox Valley summers. Freedom Plumbing and Heating has
    your comfort in mind when repairing or replacing your unit. See our links page for some of the
    brands we sell.
  • Boilers Freedom Plumbing and Heating has a licensed Stationary Engineer on staff to service
    your hot water or steam boiler. We are not afraid to go down to the boiler room or basement to
    solve a problem be it large or small. We know the good noises from the bad, and how to get rid
    of the bad ones. We want your system to give you maximum comfort at minimum expense.
FPH provides friendly quality plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service to the Fox Valley and surrounding communities such as Algonquin, Aurora,
Batavia, Bartlett, Barrington, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, Dundee, Elgin, Geneva, Hampshire, Hanover Park, Huntley, St. Charles, and Streamwood.
Outside the Home:

  • Outside faucets Freedom Plumbing and Heating can repair and replace lawn hydrants and
    garden hose faucets.  Would you like a garden hose connection in a new location for yard work
    or washing the car?  FPH can install a new hose connection for your convenience.   Did you
    leave your garden hose connected during a cold northern Illinois winter?  WATCH OUT! It
    may have cracked and might leak the first time you go to use it.  Freedom Plumbing can install
    a FROST PROOF sillcock to help protect your faucet from freezing and breaking.
  • Lawn sprinkler systems FPH is also available to start up and winterize your irrigation
    systems, as well as repair / replace any parts needed.
  • RPZ & Back flow Freedom Plumbing and Heating installs RPZ / back flow units.  We are
    licensed with the State of Illinois and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to test and
    certify your units.
  • Barn / Livestock waterers Freedom Plumbing offers Nelson Waterers.  We can install new
    units, or repair your existing waterers.  We work on and install many different styles, makes,
    and models of barn hydrants.
  • Private Wells We are licensed to do repairs on private wells.
  • Outdoor Grills We can install natural gas lines so you never run out of gas.
Water Treatment Systems:

  • Water filters – Everyone enjoys a glass of good tasting water.  Make sure what you  and your
    family are drinking is not only good tasting, but also healthy.  Water filters and water
    purification systems are an important part of healthy living.  
  • Water SoftenersIs your water softener giving you problems?  Would your  household benefit
    from one?  Not sure?  FPH can take a water sample and let you  know your water hardness and
    its contents.
  • Iron FiltersDo you notice a “reddish” build-up in your tub / shower or your toilets? The water
    could be high in iron.  Call for a water test to find out the level of iron in your water.
  • Water heaters – FPH can replace your existing unit(s) with energy savings models. Do you run
    out of hot water when everyone bathes or showers?  Perhaps it is time to look into increasing
    the size of your water heater, or look into models with quicker recovery time.  Ask FPH about
    the newest and latest technology.   Do you run out of hot water when filling your whirlpool?  Or
    are you unable to run the dishwasher and take a shower or fill the whirlpool on the same night
    without running out of hot water?  Call FPH for help and solutions.
  • Circulation pumpsTired of waiting for hot water? Do you live in a home where you have to
    run the hot water faucet awhile in order to let the water “warm up”?  FPH can install a system
    that will give you hot water instantly no matter where you turn on a faucet in your home.
  • Laundry tub / Washing machine – Installation of water lines and the installation of a laundry
    tub is a project Freedom Plumbing would be happy to do for you.  Need new laundry faucets?
    Hoses for your washing machine?  Is water leaking from your washing machine hook ups? Is
    the location of your washing machine inconvenient and you would like to have it moved to
    another location?  Give FPH a call.     
  • Sump pump / ejector pumpHas your sump pump or ejector pump stopped working? Or does it
    run continuously?  Does the valve stick or do you hear a "bang" when your pump shuts off?  
    FPH has the solution for these problems. We can also install a new unit to replace that old tired
  • Battery Back-up Systems for sump pumps – You will have peace of mind after installing a
    battery back-up system for your sump pump.  When the electricity goes out, your sump pump
    will keep on working.   Even if you are not at home and no one is there to make sure your main
    pump is working, the battery back-up system will be there to protect your home and valuable
    possessions.  (Length of run-time depends on manufacturer and battery life.)  FPH offers
    AquaNot systems by Zoeller Pump Company.     
Kitchens:  If you are experiencing a problem, or in the process of remodeling your kitchen,
Freedom Plumbing and Heating is standing by ready to help.  

  • Sinks – Aluminum, cast iron, solid surface, porcelain, single bowl, double bowl, prep sink or bar
    sink; no matter what types you have or want, FPH can service or replace them for you.  There
    are many colors, sizes, shapes and designs for every decorating style. We also offer strainer
    baskets, drain trim rings, soap and lotion dispensers.
  • FaucetsAre they dripping or hard to operate?  Or is it just time for a change? We  service all
    brands as well as offer many brands for sale.  Is your pull out faucet hose giving you
    problems?  Don’t fret, give FPH a call.  
  • Garbage disposals – Has your disposal stopped running?  Is there water in your  cabinet under
    the unit?  Are your blades jammed?  Or do you just want a more  powerful unit?  FPH will
    remove your old unit and install a new one for you.  Don’t stick your fingers down into the
    disposal.  Play it safe and let FPH send a professional to unjam your unit for you.
  • Dishwashers – Freedom Plumbing and Heating can disconnect and remove your old unit and
    replace it with a new one, or we can install a dishwasher for the very first time.  No matter
    where you purchase a new dishwasher, FPH will gladly install it.
  • Ice maker water lines –  FPH will run that water line for you and hook up your ice maker water